Gordon - Aspidistra Elatior 60cm
Gordon - Aspidistra Elatior 60cm
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Gordon - Aspidistra Elatior 60cm

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Aspidistra Elatior / Cast Iron Plant - 60cm

These plants are tough, so tough they're known as the Cast Iron Plant!  Originally from China and part of the Lily family, these plants were much loved by the Victorians, gracing many a conservatory, hallway, and drawing room.

They're really easy to care for, coping well with a wide range of issues that would put paid to weedier house plants!  They'll thrive in dingy conditions, they shrug off cold and draughts, and if you're space is more sauna-like, they'll cope well with hot temperatures too!  Slow growing (a plus, you won't need to repot it or replace it) there's stories out there of them living for more than 50 years!

And lastly, we've named this plant after Gordon Comstock in George Orwell's well known novel 'Keep the Aspidistra Flying'.  

  • Pet & People Friendly - non toxic for dogs, cats, and people, small and large.

Basic Care Tips:

  • Light - anything other than direct sunlight and an Aspidistra will be fine.  So a north facing window, or a shadier position in the room.
  • Water - They cope well with infrequent watering, and can does best when it drys out between watering.  Just remember that it isn't a cacti, so it will need to be kept damp most of the time, especially during it's growing period.  Also, if it's in a dark location it'll use less water than if it's in a brighter spot.
  • Food - give it a feed once every 2 months during the growing season.
  • Temperature - Anything between 7°C and 29°C is fine.  They can cope with colder temperatures though, right down to -10°C (expect some die-back at this point)
  • Repotting - as mentioned, this is a slow growing plant.  It also has a strong dislike for disturbance to it's roots so only repot if you absolutely have to.
  • Cleaning - these big leaves do pick up dust, so give them a wipe down with a clean, damp duster every couple of months to keep it looking its best.


All heights given include the grow pot.

This is a natural product, so size, shape, and slight colour variations may occur!