Cleo - Clusia Rosea 60cm
Cleo - Clusia Rosea 60cm
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Cleo - Clusia Rosea 60cm

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Clusia Rosea / Autograph Tree - 60cm

This beauty is one of our favourite plants, with its toughness, it's beautiful leaves, and it's ease of care.  In fact, the reason its knows as the Autograph Tree is because apparently it's leaves are so tough you can carve your name in them.  All things are relative, we haven't tried this, and tbh, wouldn't recommend it!

Cleo is native to the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Florida, so you can tell from this it likes a bit of warmth!  It does best in a shady/light spot, but not in direct sunlight.  Keep it in conditions it likes and it'll put on a growth spurt!

More on this toughness bit.  Clusias aren't susceptible to diseases, and can tolerate salty air.  So if you live next to the sea, it's a great choice of plant.

  • Pets & People - An irritant for dogs, cats, and people if eaten.

Basic Care Tips:

  • Light - It'll do best in a shady or not too bright location - ideally it needs at least 5 hours of light a day.
  • Water - Always try to keep the soil slightly moist.  However you can let it dry out a bit between watering, as if it's sitting in water the roots will rot.  Also, if it's in a dark location it'll use less water than if it's in a brighter spot.
  • Food - give it a feed once every 2 months during the growing season.
  • Temperature - Your Clusia should be fine between temperatures of 12°C and 30°C.
  • Repotting - Roughly once every 2 years should be enough.  Spring is the best time, and use a pot that's roughly 25% bigger.
  • Cleaning - Spray your plant occasionally - this will both give it some added humidity and also help clean off any accumulations of dust.


All heights given include the grow pot.

This is a natural product, so size, shape, and slight colour variations may occur!