Howie - Kentia Palm - 1.0m & 1.5m
Howie - Kentia Palm - 1.0m & 1.5m
Howie - Kentia Palm - 1.0m & 1.5m
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Howie - Kentia Palm - 1.0m & 1.5m

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Howea Forsteriana / Kentia Palm - 1.0m and 1.5m

Howie is a bit like the Rolling Stones... been around forever but still right up there with the best.  First introduced to the UK during the Victorian era, his fans have included Queen Victoria herself, and he's featured in numerous Hollywood films too!

Originally from Lord Howe Island in the Tazman Sea, this beautiful plant makes a perfect feature in your home.  It grows best in reasonably bright conditions, where it'll put out new leaves and slowly grow in height.  It does survive in darker conditions, but won't grow.

Easy to care for, just give it a regular misting and let it dry out a little between watering and you'll have a very happy Howie!

Fun fact too - they're great for improving your air quality!  Studies have shown that if toxin levels go up around them they move up a gear and remove even more from the air!  Also, they transpire heavily, helping to keep your home at a pleasant humidity level.

  • Pet & People Friendly - non toxic for dogs, cats, and people, small and large.

Basic Care Tips:

  • Light - These plants prefer a spot that is reasonably bright - if they're in a really bright location they can fade a little, and in a dark location they're unlikely to grow much at all.
  • Water - Water every 2 weeks or so, and let the soil dry out on top before watering again.  Regular misting will also be appreciated.
  • Food - give it a weak feed once every 2 weeks during the growing season.
  • Temperature - Reasonably tough, they'll be fine between 13°C and 25°C.
  • Repotting - Don't repot too frequently as they don't welcome disturbance to their roots. Once every couple of years should do.
  • Cleaning - A quick wipe down with a clean, damp duster will keep this plant clean.  Don't use leafshine on these plants.
  • Pruning - Don't try and pull dead leaves and stems off - always cut them off using a pair of sharp scissors or secateurs.


All heights given include the grow pot.

This is a natural product, so size, shape, and slight colour variations may occur!