Phoebe - Photinia fraseri 'Little Red Robin' 30cm
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Phoebe - Photinia fraseri 'Little Red Robin' 30cm

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Photinia fraseri 'Little Red Robin'  - 30cm - RHS AGM

Little sister of the well known Photinia 'Red Robin', this smaller and more compact version shares the same stunning evergreen foliage.  New growth in spring is a vivid red, which then matures to a glossy green in autumn.  More upright and compact than 'Red Robin'.

Suitable for use in borders as a stand-alone shrub, or can be used as a hedging plant.  A slow grower though, so don't expect instant results, and it's got a max growth height of around 1.2m.  Can cope with being pruned quite hard.

Plant in moist, well drained soil.  Prefers a full sun or partially shaded habitat.  Can cope with being in exposed / coastal environments.

  • Pets & People - Safe for areas with dogs, cats, and people.


All heights given include the grow pot.

This is a natural product, so size, shape, and slight colour variations may occur!